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Social Work Day 2016 Case Study 3

Being a mother of two young children who were becoming more and more independent by the day and with my personal circumstances changing I knew that I was in a good position to be able to return to education and gain a career but didn’t know what?

After seeing a newspaper article in the local free gazette about a woman who worked in social care I made the snap decision that this was the career I wanted to follow.

Next dilemma how did I go about becoming a social worker ? Sixteen years ago in the ages of old there was a viable careers service so I popped on the bus to speak to an advisor and my road to social work began. This road so far has had many curves along the way, bereavements, poorly parents and children and a redundancy which made me more determined to succeed.

Since qualification there have been many highlights and obviously some low periods but the majority has been worthwhile of returning to education, gaining a degree and working the long hours …… On reflection I have enjoyed empowering people in making good choices and hopefully making a difference to people’s lives not least of all children.
I have given thought as to whether I would recommend the career to my children and after some soul searching have come to the decision ‘Yes , I would’.