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NELC Statement on Spending Review

Chris Shaw, Leader of North East Lincolnshire Council, said the 2015/16 spending round was another bitter pill to swallow for the public sector .

"While we welcome the sweetener of support for important infrastructure projects, the fact is that Mr Osborne and his colleagues continue to force this bitter pill of funding cuts down the throat of local government,'' he added.

"This Council has so far managed extremely well in terms of reducing our running costs while maintaining service delivery during this time of unprecedented financial restriction, but the stark truth is that the resilience of local government cannot be stretched much further

"The only way of maintaining public services in the face of these proposed long-term cuts is to design them around the needs of people and communities, devolving budgets away from Whitehall to local areas to increase co-operation between public agencies, save money and improve services.

"We’re already well on with that in North East Lincolnshire in terms of working closely with our partners, but for local authorities- the most effective part of government- to bear the brunt of cuts through successive spending review in this way is bad for the country, bad for people and bad for our prospects of economic recovery. ''

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