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Fortnightly collections return

garden waste wheelie bin

Garden waste collections fortnightly from March

AS North East Lincolnshire Council gears up to resume fortnightly garden waste collections in March, residents are being reminded that these brown bins will only be collected if they contain the right materials.

In June 2012 the council changed their policy, no longer emptying residents’ brown wheelie bins if they contained cardboard and other non-garden waste items. This was in a bid to improve the overall quality of the borough’s garden waste material, and it was soon clear that the simpler message and instruction to residents was making a vast improvement.

However, towards the end of last year the quality of garden waste materials began to deteriorate with unwanted materials being found in brown wheelie bins.

Councillor Peter Wheatley, portfolio holder for regeneration and environment, said:

“It is quite extraordinary what some residents will hide in their garden waste bin. Items such as televisions, tins and jars to clothes, babies’ nappies and shoes!

”We need residents to work with us by only throwing away the accepted materials into these bins. If the waste is heavily contaminated the re-processors won’t accept it and we incur a charge as we have to send the unwanted waste to the Energy from Waste Plant or in some instances we have send it to landfill.

“We want to avoid this at all costs; it is a discretionary service provided because we know it is one valued by residents, therefore it needs to operate at minimal cost to the council.”

It can cost the council £120 per tonne to landfill contaminated garden waste. The council will continue to monitor the situation and get tough on those households who persistently contaminate their garden waste.

All households receive a fortnightly free collection of one garden waste wheelie bin during April to October, and a monthly collection during the winter months. A charge of £25 for 12 months’ service is made if a second bin is requested.

Cardboard is no longer accepted in the garden waste bins, nor are plastic bags, kitchen waste or animal waste and bedding. Garden waste bins are just for grass and hedge cuttings, plants and cut flowers, weeds, fallen fruit, twigs and small branches.

Any residents having trouble disposing of particular items could use the council’s Community Recycling Centres (CRC) sites - one at Grimsby and one at Immingham. The sites take a whole host of items for recycling or reuse. Residents can check the items that can be sent to the CRC sites on the council’s website – or by phoning the waste hotline on (01472) 325841.