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New Local Plan

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The new Local Plan sets out the vision and objectives for the Borough, allocates sites for housing, employment and other forms of development and sets out development management policies for the Borough.

It is important that we have a Local Plan that reflects the needs of our communities, both now and in the future.

Once adopted our Local Plan will shape what gets built and where, what gets safeguarded and how development will be delivered.

Key milestones

We recognise that preparing a new Local Plan takes time and have identified the anticipated timetable for its preparation in the 2015 Local Development Scheme.

The key milestones from the Local Development Scheme are set out below:

2015 LDS Local Plan key milestone dates
Current position (updated: 29 February 2016)

Evidence gathering activities

Including the preparation of Issues Papers, informal consultation and preparation of preferred options consultation document(s)

To May 2015

Portfolio Holder for Regeneration and Environment approved for public consultation the New Local Plan Initial Issues and Options Paper (2012).
The consultation period ran from 26 October to 7 December 2012. Further information about the consultation can be found at: New Local Plan Initial Issues and Options Paper (2012)

13 Issues Papers have been published, these are available to view by clicking New local plan issues papers, via the link under the related content area of this page or the link on this page


Preparation of a local plan

Emerging options and preferred options consultation

February 2016

Cabinet committee (21 Jan 2015) approved for public consultation our Consultation Draft Local Plan (2015).

The consultation period will run from 2 February to 13 March 2015.

Further information about the consultation can be found at: Consultation Draft Local Plan.

19 and 20 Publication
Publication and public consultation on the Pre-submission Draft Local Plan
March/April 2016 Cabinet committee (17 February 2016) approved for public consultation our Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan (2016) for public consultation.
The consultation period runs from 29 February to 13 April 2016.
Further information about the consultation can be found at: Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan.
N/A Consideration of representations and preparation of submission statements
Including time for Scrutiny Panel update, Cabinet committee consideration for approval to submit
April/July 2016
22 Submission to Secretary of State
Submission of the Local Plan to the Secretary of State for examination
July 2016
N/A Pre examination meeting September 2016
24 Examination
Examination by a Government appointed Planning Inspector
July 2016/February 2017
25 Publication of the recommendation of the appointed person March 2017
26 Adoption of the new Local Plan
Including time for Scrutiny Panel update, Cabinet committee and Full Council consideration to adopt the new Local Plan
July 2017

Getting involved

If you care about where you live, work, study or spend your leisure time, the preparation of the new Local Plan for North East Lincolnshire will be important to you. We are committed to listening and responding to the issues you raise about our Borough and welcome your involvement in the preparation of the new Local Plan.
The easiest way for you to get involved is to register on our consultation database, that way you will be informed of all consultations taking place in relation to the Local Plan preparation. There are several ways you can register, including:

• via our Consultation portal;
• by writing to us at the contact details to the right of this page or;
• by emailing us

Further information about how we hope to involve you can be found in the 2013 Statement of Community Involvement.