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Allocations Development Plan Document

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Work on the Allocations Development Plan Document ceased with effect from 11 June 2012. The Council is now preparing a New Local Plan.
For further information please see the New Local Plan link under Related content.

The Allocations Development Plan Document will identify the key sites for development in North East Lincolnshire together with those sites that will be safeguarded for specific uses.

The main focus for the document will be to identify land for the development of:

  • housing (meeting all housing needs)
  • employment and business
  • retail and leisure
  • the safeguarding of sites and facilities that form an integral part of inclusive sustainable communities

Once it is adopted, the Allocations Development Plan Document will form part of the statutory Development Plan for the Borough.


The Allocations Development Plan Document will undergo several stages of public consultation. An overview of the progress of the document is given in the table below. This has been revised from the anticipated timetable set out in the Local Development Scheme 2007 and will be updated on a regular basis.

Allocations Preparation Overview
Progress Stage Date
We are here > Issues and fact finding to December 2011
Consideration of evidence and drafting of Issues and Options to June 2011

Regulation 25

Pre submission consultation

August/September 2011
Consideration of representation's and preparation of the Proposed Submission Allocations Development Plan Document October/December 2011

Regulation 27 and 28

Publication and period for making representation's on the soundness of the document

January/February 2012
Consideration of representation's March 2012

Regulation 30

Submission to Secretary of State

April 2012
Pre Hearing Meeting May 2012

Regulation 31 and 34

Hearing/Independent Examination

July 2012
Receipt of Inspector's Binding Report October 2012

Regulation 36


February 2013

The Allocations Development Plan Document is in the early stages of its preparation. The Council is currently gathering the evidence base that will inform the content of the document.

You can find more details about the preparation process and the timetable for the preparation of the document in the Local Development Scheme.

You can find out more about the Local Development Scheme by using the link under Related content on this page.