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Planning for brownfield biodiversity 2009

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2009 - Planning for Brownfield Biodiversity

A best practice guide


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Brownfield land can support an extremely rich diversity of wildflowers and animals. The Planning for Brownfield Biodiversity document aims to provide some practical solutions to achieving sustainable reuse of brownfield land, for all those involved in planning and implementing new development.

A copy of the Planning for Brownfield Biodiverstiy: A best practice guide (2009) is available under the document download area of this page.

Further information can be found on the Buglife website, a link is available under the useful website area of this page.

Historic document

The Planning for Brownfield Biodiverstiy: A best practice guide is part of the evidence base for the new Local Plan.

Whilst we will endeavour to make the latest version available there may be occasions when we are not aware of a recent publication. If you are aware of an update to this document please let us know by emailing the Spatial Planning Team at:

Historic and superseded versions of the document will be retained here for information.