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In order to ensure the new Local Plan makes the right choices for the borough it must be underpinned by a robust and up to date evidence base.

Work to maintain the most up to date documents within the evidence base will continue throughout the preparation process for the new Local Plan.

It is our intention to present the most up to date information here as soon as it is feasibly possible. However, it should be noted that there may be times when documents have been updated and are made available elsewhere on the council's website or on external websites before they appear here.

How to use the evidence we produce

The new Local Plan must be based on evidence that is both up to date and robust. This is why the council undertakes reviews and studies covering a wide range of topics. When evidence is produced, the council want it to be available for everyone to see and to understand. But it is important to remember that evidence in itself does not set policies for the council.

Many of the individual studies we have undertaken provide evidence on a narrow range of issues - and often only one issue. It is important to note that where individual studies include recommendations, they are often put forward in isolation and without regard to the findings or recommendations of other evidence, or the wider implications for other council objectives. This wider consideration of the various studies' recommendations and conclusions, is done as part of the new Local Plan's preparation.

Unless specified in a report approved by Cabinet, recommendations in evidence documents do not reflect the official position of the council or formal council policy. Indeed, it is entirely possible that the recommendations of any one piece of evidence will not be adopted by the council in the future. This may, for example, be because it is undeliverable or contrary to the council's overall aims and objectives.

The council encourages you to read the evidence it has, but asks that you always treat it as such; it is evidence about an issue, and not the position or policy of North East Lincolnshire Council. In planning terms, the starting-point for local planning policies is still the 2003 North East Lincolnshire Local Plan, which is the adopted development plan for the area. If you require any further advice, please do not hesitate to contact the planning department using the details on this page.