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Planning policy

Information relating to the preparation of a new Local Plan for North East Lincolnshire can be found here.

Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan

The publication of the Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan for consultation is a key milestone in its preparation and the last opportunity for representations to be made before the Plan is submitted to Government to undergo examination by an independent Planning Inspector.

The consultation period runs from 29 February to 13 April 2016. You can find out more at: Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan

New Local Plan

The new Local Plan sets out the vision and objectives for the Borough, allocates sites for housing, employment and other forms of development and sets out development management policies for the Borough

Evidence Base

In order to ensure the new Local Plan makes the right choices for the borough it must be underpinned by a robust and up to date evidence base

Monitoring Report

The process of reviewing and monitoring Local Development Documents is crucial to the successful delivery of the Spatial Vision and Objectives of the Local Development Framework

Habitats Regulations Assessment

The UK supports a rich assemblage of terrestrial and freshwater habitats, which are home to many thousands of wildlife species.

Local Development Orders

Local Development Orders (LDOs) are made by local planning authorities and give a grant of planning permission to specific types of development within a defined area

Supplementary Planning Documents

Supplementary Planning Documents provide greater detail on policies in Development Plan Documents

Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme identifies which documents the Council will prepare as part of the Development Plan for the Borough, along with a timetable for their production

Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI), sets out North East Lincolnshire Council's policy for community involvement and consultation in the preparation and review of its planning policy documents.

Local Plan Adopted 2003

The Local Plan is the 'old-style' Development Plan for the Borough.

Sustainability Appraisal

The Sustainability Appraisal process is governed by European and National Legislation

Local Development Framework

Please note: Work on the Local Development Framework ceased with effect from 11 June 2012.